BlackRock Business is a progressive company centered on helping small and medium businesses alike. After spending years observing many businesses receive inadequate care by large software corporations, Peter Eastvold decided to form a company that would show business owners how technology should not ruin your day. With a focus on ringing true a promise that technology is supposed to help and not hinder, BlackRock strives everyday to deliver the little things… A simple instruction, an easy maneuver to simplify a tedious task, or a deeply buried software preference that takes away an annoying screen. Building BlackRock piece by piece the staff have worked diligently to bring others the tools and training needed to keep their book-systems running smoothly. Reaching out and expanding beyond Minneapolis Metro area, BlackRock technicians are standing by to help you get your business to its tip-top efficiency. With the advances of modern technology and the work-anywhere ability of the internet, BlackRock Business has made a name for itself, helping retailers, manufacturers, firms, and businesses of every kind across the nation. Each day is an adventure in the life of an Accounting Sleuth, ProAdvisor, Point of Sale Specialist…

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Data Stewardship Principles

What we stand for:

  • We are all accountable for upholding the data stewardship principles, which are consistent with our company values, especially Integrity without Compromise.
  • Our customers’ privacy (and their customers’ and employees’) is paramount to us.
  • Our customers place a deep trust in Intuit because we hold their most sensitive data . . . therefore, we are a trusted steward of their data.

We will not:

  • Without explicit permission, sell, publish or share data entrusted to us by a customer that identifies the customer or any person.

We will:

  • Use customer data to help our customers improve their financial lives. This means: we help them make or save money, be more productive, be in compliance.
  • Use customer data to operate our business, including helping our customers improve their user experience and understand the products and services that are available to help them.
  • Give customers choices about our use of data that identifies them.
  • Give open and clear explanations about how we use data.
  • Train our employees about how to keep data safe and secure, and educate our customers about how to keep theirs and their customers’ data safe and secure.