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We know how complex retail can be,
So we make it easy.


Simple wizards, video tutorials and practice data make it easy to set up, learn, and use.


  • Works alone or with QuickBooks Financial Software.
  • Highly qualified instructors can guide you through every step, from installation and setup to customizing your system.
  • Get help in ringing up sales and managing inventory, running reports to get business insights and installing hardware.
  • Learn shortcuts to help you work faster and smarter.


What do you need for Point of Sale?

How It Works


Manage Inventory


Mange Your InventoryTrack inventory as you sell and receive items. Use the data to negotiate lower vendor costs.

See how to import and create inventory


Accept Credit Cards


Accept Credit Cards in QuickBooks POSAccept credit cards in your QuickBooks POS system or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Check out your options.


QuickBooks Auto Updates


Automatically Update Your QuickBooks AccountingQuickBooks auto-updates your books when you get paid and when you sell or receive inventory.

Less mistakes, less work, less worry.

Features to help you think on your feet.
Your POS should keep up.

QuickBooks POS Total Business Management

Go for total business management.

Your one-stop way to ring sales, accept credit cards, manage vendors and inventory, and build customer relationships.

QuickBooks POS Count On It

Count on it to get more done

10x faster startup times than previous version and new multi tasking capabilities allow you to toggle between tasks without losing data.

QuickBooks POS EMV Ready

Securely accepts credit cards

QuickBooks POS Desktop 12.0 is EMV Chip Card Ready, designed to support the most updated payment technology for greater data security.

QuickBooks POS integrate with Accounting

Integrates with Quickbooks Desktop

Save time by having your data automatically sync with QuickBooks Desktop. Auto payment reconciliation is now available too. No double entries and no mistakes.

See how QuickBooks POS Desktop Works

QuickBooks POS Video How to Make a Sale

How to Make a Sale in
QuickBooks POS Desktop

QuickBooks POS Video How to Add Inventory

How to Add Inventory Items in
QuickBooks POS Desktop

QuickBooks POS Video How to Make Mobile Sale

How to Make a Mobile Sale with
QuickBooks POS Desktop

What do you need for Point of Sale?

Choices, Choices Choices…

Choose the QuickBooks POS version that best fits your business.

Or if you start off with Basic, you can upgrade to Pro or Multi-store, as your business grows.



    Manage Inventory Accurately and Effortlessly




NEW! Save time with Faster Performance: 10 x faster startup time & faster workflows Check Check Check
NEW! Allows better screen readability with improved visual design Check Check Check
NEW! Improved Keyboard Shortcuts Check Check Check
NEW! Multi-Task by working on different parts of the program (i.e. sales receipt, purchase order, etc.) Check Check Check
NEW! Sorting in Key Workflows such as: Ring a Sale, Received Items, Returned Items Check Check Check
NEW! Support for backing up files with sizes greater than 4 GB Check Check Check