QuickBooks POS: Scan Tracking Confirmation from UPS or FedEx

///QuickBooks POS: Scan Tracking Confirmation from UPS or FedEx

QuickBooks POS: Scan Tracking Confirmation from UPS or FedEx

The one critical piece of functionality we need is the ability to scan the tracking confirmation from UPS or FedEx directly into QuickBooks and display it on the Point of Sale sales receipt.

Can we do this?


Yes we can do this. The first thing we want to do is setup the following two items in POS: Tracking # FedEx & Tracking # UPS. As you can see below you will leave the Regular Price zero since this will always change.


Next we go to File > Tools > Print Designer and choose the Sales Receipt document type and choose the “40 column Desc 2” template. This template will show the appropriate field that will display the tracking number.

QuickBooks print designer

Now let’s make a sale. In this case we’re selling 50 envelopes and shipping UPS with a cost of $4.50.

Make a quickbooks sale and ship UPS

Now the fun part. How do we get the tracking number to display on this sales receipt? First highlight the Tracking # item and click the edit button.

Display tracking number on receipt

Now we simply click in the Description field and scan the UPS Tracking Number.

Scan tracking UPS number into item description

The result of this tip is that the tracking number shows directly below the Tracking # line item. I hope these Enix & Associates tips & tricks are helpful.

Receipt with tracking number

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