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Retail Point of Sale

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BlackRock offers a variety of Retail Point of Sale Systems to meet the needs of nearly every business type. We offer Retail POS Systems that are suitable for small businesses or even multi-store chain operations. We combine customized Retail POS Software and Retail Point of Sale equipment to provide a complete POS Solution for your business. Or, if you have the expertise to complete the project yourself, we can provide you with the Retail POS peripherals and Retail Point of Sale Software so you can install the system on your existing computer.

Point of Sale Solutions with a Retailer in Mind

We offer Retail Point of Sale Solutions with your needs in mind. Inventory control, gift cards, customer loyalty, in-house accounts, employee time and attendance, work orders, layaways, and in-depth reporting are just some of the features that our software can provide.

The freedom to accept any form of payment

Never utter the words “We don’t accept that”

Accept all major credit cards

Take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments.

What your customer wants to pay with

These are the obvious everyday choice your customer will want to pay with. You shouldn’t have to pay high fees for such a necessity.

Let your customers pay with their method of choice

Give your customers the option to pay with cash, credit, gift cards, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

Payment options are constantly expanding

Don’t be left in the dust when it comes to the new and cutting edge payment methods. Your customers are smart and savvy, let them pay how they want to pay.

Be flexible

Record partial payments or deposits, as well as split tenders between two or more payment types.

Some people are complicated

Never turn down business because of complication. Once in a while you will bend over backwards for a customer. When you do, it will be remembered.

Things to think about



Track and monitor your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. You need a POS that updates the inventory count for you, sends automatic stock alerts and generates purchase orders so you’re always stocked and working towards your dream business, sale by sale.



Choosing a secure Point of Sale is integral to your business. A secure POS system will protect your customers’ data and help you avoid prohibitive fines for being out of compliance. Uphold your business’s reputation and maintain peace of mind with security benefits.



A point of sale should save you time and money by monitoring employee activity automatically. Labor management is made easy with our advanced suite of features, including scheduling, payroll, permission controls and performance analysis.



Keep track of detailed customer information and their preferences CRM. Use advanced technology to organize and synchronize customer information with their buying behavior. Utilizing CRM reports, owners can analyze customers’ order history to better tailor offerings according to customer wants.



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