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Turn tables faster while increasing efficiency and revenue with our industry leading Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Access a full suite of features made to grow your restaurant quicker.

From pre-authorization, caller I.D., table timers, split bills and table layouts, BlackRock’s talented Point of Sale Team gives you the tools to run your business more efficiently than ever.

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Point of Sale Benefits

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Restaurant Point of Sale

With the Table Service POS provided by BlackRock Business, you will be able to turn tables over quickly and more efficiently. With features from customized table layouts, table timers, and even tableside ordering, you’ll have what you need to taste the best success.

Restaurant POS features

Tableside Ordering – Accelerate service as an order can be sent from the table to the kitchen and helps reduce errors.

Custom Menu Building – Choose when to display certain menus on the iPad Point of Sale throughout the day as an additional feature.

Catering Management – Start growing and operating your catering business with the detailed Catering Management add-on feature.


Bar Point of Sale Benefits

Bar Point of Sale

With the Bar Point of Sale, you will have an all-in-one solution. You can quickly track inventory in real-time.


Bar POS Features

Bar Tab Management – Users can create, manage and locate all bar tabs to speed up efficiency and stay organized

Full Screen Mode – With full screen mode, you can stop scrolling through pages of drinks and view all items from one screen

Bar Tab Instant Feature – Create a tab instantly by swiping the credit card, searching by last or first name, and barcoding receipts.